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7 Most Spectacular Views To Witness On A Desert Safari: From Sunrise To Sunset

Dubai desert safaris are the most thrilling roller-coaster rides. The world of deserts offers a range of spectacular views. From the Sahara desert to the enchanting Arabian desert, every place has its beauty and charm.

If you have been to the city before, you might know that it’s not only about visiting these deserts. Safari Desert Dubai is a gateway to exploring the unique ecosystem and beautiful aura of the enchanting deserts. It is more exciting than it sounds here. And this can be witnessed only if you visit this Dubai desert safari.

However, before your visit, we would like to draw an image in your mind through this blog about these spectacular views that can be witnessed from sunrise to sunset.

  1. Mesmerizing Sunrise

Who wants to miss the mesmerizing first ray of the sun? The cool morning breeze and the long shadows falling on the dunes create a golden glow. Missing this scene seems unfair, doesn’t it? You can witness this symphony where colors are playing with nature.

While enjoying this moment, you can capture it with your lenses. Also, you can take your aesthetic photographs and capture this moment to cherish forever in your life.

  1. Beautiful Morning

After you are done witnessing the sunrise, you can walk through to explore the flora and fauna. The Dubai desert is home to a diverse range of plants and animals. Being at this place, you will witness how these plants and animals have adapted to survive living in these harsh climatic conditions.

Acacia tree and date palm survival will break your myth and stereotype that there is no life possible in the deserts. These amazing flora and fauna are capable of standing in this climate. Witnessing these moments and capturing them with your camera can make a beautiful morning for you. 

  1. Mid-day Sun Tenure

Midday is the best time to witness the Arabian desert’s beauty at its peak. The sun climbs up in the sky, and direct rays fall on the desert. This view transforms the desert into golden dunes and curves. This mesmerizing beauty will blow your mind. To witness this view, you can go on a desert safari with your friends and family.

However, during the ride, you need plenty of hydration due to the scorching sun hitting your body temperature. This sun-soaked ride will be your lifetime experience. You can capture these beautiful moments with the camera to cherish the memory forever.

  1. Witnessing Wildlife

Who doesn’t love to witness the desert’s wildlife? Camels are the most common animals that can be seen in Dubai. However, reindeer, desert foxes, scorpions, and other creatures have also adapted to these arid desert environments. Spotting these creatures in their original living habitat while they are minding their own business is something that a wildlife enthusiast cannot help but miss. This can be your chance to capture this rare moment and share this story with others after returning home. 

For years, deserts have been the shape and evolution of this environment. This sculptor has many surprises for you during your Dubai tour. Every landform has a story to tell, and you can listen to these stories from your guide while capturing these creatures with your HD lenses. 

  1. Bedouin-style Lunch Under the Sun

Exploring these deserts and feeling a dune-bashing ride, you can create a moment to cherish with your family and friends while enjoying a Bedouin-style lunch under the shadows. Traditional Bedouin cuisines are available in the nearby areas. Your guide will take you over there to relax after a ride.

This cuisine is simple yet delicious, often served with grilled meat, salads, and breads. You will get to enjoy this lunch sitting on the carpets with the cushions and other aesthetic traditional arrangements. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will be one of your best moments during your Dubai trip. After returning from the Bedouin’s land, you won’t be able to forget the simplest taste of their food because of their lovable hospitality. 

  1. Aesthetic Sunset

You want to see a landscape that looks like an artistic painting. Take a ride to the Arabian desert during sunset. You can see a pallet of mixed colors, including red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple, which look like a masterpiece on the canvas.

Witnessing the sun dipping behind the dunes could be the best memory to cherish. To make yourself spellbound, do not forget to roam around the area while clicking pictures and feeling calm vibes. Soothe yourself with this aesthetically pleasing aura and create beautiful memories during your Dubai visit.

  1. Twinkling Stars

Nothing can beat the beauty of the twinkling stars in the sky. As soon as the sun sets and keeps disappearing from the sky, the stars start to appear, turning the sky into a paradise. Sprinkling salt seems to appear, and stars seem to be falling on the desert. This mesmerizing beauty is worthy of witness. While gazing at these stars, you will feel tranquility and a sense of peace.

With your lenses, you can capture these beautiful moments for life. Not only this, you can point your telescope towards these constellations to soak your soul into this magnificent view.

This view can turn your night into a beautiful, amorous date with your partner. Holding each other’s hands, you can also talk about what these stars are trying to say to you.

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