Desert Safari

What You Need to Know Before Going on Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai has been the most luxurious city, representing the vibes of Arabic culture & vibrant lifestyle. It has been one of the top destinations to enjoy holidays & vacations while exploring exotic locations. Dubai is all about exploring iconic masterpieces like the Burj Khalifa and enjoying numerous fun activities. One of the prominent things to not miss out on the Dubai tour experience is the Safari Desert Dubai

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Dubai Safari Tour – Feel the Magic!

Safari Desert Dubai unleashes different levels of fun & excitement in one place. The attractive landscape of the Safari Desert makes tourists feel the pleasant vibes. It can be enjoyed from dusk till dawn. Fun rides & vibrant cultural heritage programs make the location more exciting with sunrise & sunset gazing. 

In the blog, let’s cover some of the top 5 things to enjoy while exploring the Dubai Safari Tour:

  • Barbeque Dinner

On the desert safari, visitors get open space to enjoy their astonishing views of dunes, catching up on Arabic culture with shisha smoking, belly dancing, Tanura & Fire Show. To add more fun to the night, you can enjoy tasty barbeque starters, snack items, local specialties freshly grilled & served, exotic drinks, and desserts. 

  • Famous Specialities

Visitors can enjoy the best barbeque appetizers at Desert Safari. It comprises Tabbouleh, Arugula Salad, Baba Ghanoush, Falafel, Shawarma, Pastries, Shish Twook, Lamb Kebab, Biryani Rice, Spaghetti, Mix vegetables with curry, chana masala, and soups. Lastly, tasty desserts like rice pudding, Basbousa, cream Carmelle, and Waterlemon. 

  • Bonfire Shows 

Gazing at the sky overnight, drowned with the shiny stars, brings more comfort to the eyes. Traditional Arabic tent has been set up for visitors to enjoy magical moments with loved ones. Dubai’s golden desert looks extra attractive with bonfire shows accompanied by belly dancers & fire shows. 

Desert Bonfire creates an attractive environment where a big fire is blown at the center & people sit around enjoying their snacks & drinks. Traditional music & dancers let visitors enjoy the rest time with their loved ones. 

  • Jeep Rides

Don’t forget to ride on a Jeep & sail through the dusky dunes. Unlike hovering on the city roadside, traveling across the sandy routes of Safari tours. Further, visitors can take cinematic photography for their social media content. 

Jeep riders get expert training & assistance to navigate through sandy terrains to experience an adrenaline journey. Jeeps are designed to travel across sand areas smoothly without any inconvenience, and riders must only keep in mind a few precautionary steps to operate it independently. 

  • Sandboarding & Camel Rides

One of the most thrilling sports to enjoy in the deserts is sandboarding. It’s a solo riding sport that makes riders drift down dunes, boarding on the sandboards. Another fun thing is the camel ride, which is widely popular across desert areas. Tourists get ready in the traditional attires to enjoy camel rides. 

Sandboarding is the safest desert activity to enjoy with friends and family with the right technique. Start gently to take the grip of navigating through sand dunes, and if you are experienced, go ahead with your advanced tricks. 

  • Hot Air Balloon Activity 

Catching up with the panoramic view of the desert Safari on a hot air balloon is a dream scene for every traveler. Visitors can take a ride on the giant hot air balloon to witness sunrise or sunset at the top height, and you can even enjoy your snacks. Hot air balloons in Dubai have been displayed on top international movies that hook audiences for a long. So, if you plan your trip to Dubai City, enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime adventure to bring back memories. 

Mesmerising Sunrise & Sunset Views at Safari Desert Dubai

Professional photographers & travelers pick the Dubai Safari Tour to witness the most beautiful sunrise & sunset views. People love to witness the first ray of the sun that slowly spreads over the desert areas. Also, during the sunset, the whole sky slowly leaves the orange color to pick the blue light of night. Visitors love to spend their evening enjoying the fun activities in the desert & then take the pleasure of star gazing. 

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