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Dubai Full Day Sightseeing

Dubai Full Day Sightseeing

Dubai , UAE
$ 230.00
8 hours50
Dubai Halfday Sightseeing

Dubai Halfday Sightseeing

$ 135.00
4 hours50

Unfold the Thrill of Dubai and Experience Desert Extravaganza with Khat Tourism

Your Dubai tour and trip with Khat Tourism set off on an incredible adventure where each moment spent in the Arabian desert will become a new chapter in your exciting story. We offer a combination of luxury, excitement, and the breathtaking beauty of the desert environment to add extra excitement to your vacation. Khat Tourism will enlighten your way in Dubai sightseeing. We offer Dubai city tour packages with all the exciting desert and water activities to enhance your experience during your Dubai trip. Join us and explore the astonishing excitement of Dubai.

What services do we provide at Khat Tourism?

Desert Safari Rides

We have exciting Dubai trip activities to offer our customers. You will have the opportunity to explore the land of the deserts with our dune buggy tours and desert safari rides, while you will also witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset. This exciting journey can put your adrenaline into overdrive as you cruise around the Arabian Desert's golden dunes in elegance. Our knowledgeable guides will take you on an exciting journey across the imposing dunes while blending the breathtaking desert scenery with the adrenaline rush of off-road exploration. 

Exciting water activities

Our Dubai Sightseeing Tour Package has just gotten even more thrilling with the jet skiing adventure water activity. We will take you to the glistening desert waters and allow you to experience the exhilaration of racing across the terrain. If you are looking for an exhilarating water adventure in the breathtaking desert, this is the ideal addition to your Dubai trip, as we have qualified instructors who guarantee a safe and exciting experience.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

It will be exciting to add Dhow Cruise Dinner to your vacation with our Dubai sightseeing tour packages; it will enhance your experience. Savor a tasty meal while gliding across the tranquil waters of the desert in one of our classic wooden dhows with the stars shining overhead. This magical evening in the center of Dubai creates a lasting experience by fusing elegance, peace, and a hint of Arabian enchantment.

Why choose Khat Tourism’s Dubai city tour packages?

People visiting Dubai seek a tourism guide that helps them experience joy to the fullest with all the required safety precautions during adventurous activities. We at Khat Tourism offer Dubai city tour packages with the best and most informed facilities.

Knowledgeable Guides: We take immense pride in our group of knowledgeable guides, who are skilled and know every minute detail about the traditions and culture of Dubai. Our guides impart the secrets and share local information with our visitors to enhance their excitement level. Our tour guides are enthusiastic about giving you an immersive experience that goes beyond the obvious and gives you an understanding of Dubai's dynamic past and rich present.

Flexibility in City Tour Packages: Khat Tourism, Dubai Tours, and Travels provide adaptable city tour packages in recognition of the wide range of travel interests. Our packages appeal to all preferences, whether you are an adrenaline enthusiast looking for the rush of jet skiing and dune buggies or a luxury connoisseur searching for an unforgettable meal on a dhow cruise. With Khat Tourism, you can personalize your stay in Dubai.

Unforgettable experience: Our team is dedicated to creating memories that go beyond the typical. We design our Dubai city tour packages to fully engross you in the wonder, beauty, and thrill of this energetic city. We have everything from the exhilarating dune buggies to the peaceful dhow boat dinner, which is meticulously crafted to make a lasting impression.

Allow Khat Tourism Dubai Tours and Travels to be your reliable tour guide as you take in Dubai's stunning cityscape. Our Arabian Desert Adventure skillfully combines the excitement of thrilling activities with the allure of Dubai's well-known landmarks to produce a comprehensive and life-changing experience. 

When it comes to tours, travel, sightseeing, and vacations to Dubai, Khat Tourism is the industry leader, making sure your trip through this amazing city is nothing short of spectacular. Plan your journey with Khat Tourism right now, and let Dubai's wonders reveal themselves to you!


Khat Tourism offers major places to visit in their Dubai sightseeing tour packages, such as the Arabain Desert, the Arabian Sea, mosques, palace visits, shopping, abra rides, and other famous sites. Our knowledgeable guides will guide you through the tour and enhance your knowledge regarding the city.

Yes, you can add extra features to your Dubai sightseeing tour packages according to your taste and preferences. We offer customizable packages for our travelers and let them design their own schedules. Our staff will customize the tour schedule to fit your preferences.

Guest safety and well-being are our top priorities at Khat Tourism. During our Dubai sightseeing, we follow strict safety guidelines. Our knowledgeable tour guides put the safety of their passengers first during the whole trip, and our cars are kept in good condition. We guarantee each participant a safe and comfortable environment.

Our Dubai sightseeing tour packages are made to be hassle-free. You will have the privilege to visit mosques, palaces, shopping, abra rides, etc., and for city tours, admission tickets are not included. We guarantee that you won’t have to worry about paying admission fees while you concentrate on taking in the sights.

Yes, we focus on providing the best and most engaging experience to the visitors; hence, we provide knowledgeable guides that offer insightful commentary throughout the trip while you are on the desert safari tour or any other activity. We will help you discover the background and understand the rich culture of each landmark as you explore Dubai’s colorful tapestry; this will give your exploration more depth and context.