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Dubai Full Day Sightseeing

Dubai Full Day Sightseeing

Dubai , UAE
$ 230.00
8 hours50
Dubai Halfday Sightseeing

Dubai Halfday Sightseeing

$ 135.00
4 hours50

Experience the Best Water Sports in Dubai with Khat Tourism

Welcome to Khat Tourism! Planning a trip to Dubai is everyone’s dream. The city is known for its desert beauty and water activities. Water sports in Dubai are the most famous and adventurous activities to do. To explore the world of water sports, you can rent luxury yachts and boats.

At Khat Tourism, with 25 years of experience, our team is dedicated to providing our visitors with a long-lasting moment. We work with the crew members of knowledgeable people who are experienced in providing a safe and secure jet ski Dubai marina tour and other water sports activities to our customers.

Delve with us to find out what sports activities and other services we provide.

Explore the adventure with rental yachts in Dubai

There are several water activities to be done when you are visiting Dubai. To explore them, one of the main components is that you need to get a rental yacht in Dubai. Renting a yacht in Dubai comes with a lot of opportunities to explore the city through the sea. We take immense pleasure in planning your luxury yacht rental in Dubai, where you can explore numerous water activities by just renting a yacht. We have a lot of adventurous water activities to offer, such as jet skiing, jet car tours, yacht tours, and luxurious dhow cruise dinners. 

We plan your tour by keeping all your expectations and priorities in mind. We understand that every person’s interests and hobbies are unique; hence, our procedure for booking and planning yachts for Dubai marina trips is done according to our customers' preferences.

Explore Yachts Dubai Marina Grandeur

  • Traverse Dubai’s famous canals with our yachts at Dubai Marina and experience an unparalleled rush.

  • You get an opportunity to explore the heights of refinement and grandeur on board one of our opulent yachts, where every element has been painstakingly designed with your enjoyment in mind.

  • We plan our adventures keeping in mind new explorers and experienced ones too. Moreover, we decide to provide the best safety measures to our customers.

  • Our yachts at Dubai Marina are distinguished by our dedication to providing unmatched service and individualized attention. 

  • Our staff will work to elevate your experience to new levels and provide your family and friends with a safe and secure feeling while you are with us on the trip.

  • In addition to family celebrations, you can organize business meetings, get-togethers, and romantic dates with your partner and have fun at our ideal venue with an amazing journey.

  • We are the perfect blend of elegance, expansive views, and attentive service with our best staff members.

Feel the rush at Jet Ski Dubai Marina

  • Jet Ski Dubai Marina offers you to brace yourself for the adrenaline-pumping adventure with us while you can have a look at the city’s luxurious buildings.

  • Experience the thrill across the waters with our jet ski Dubai marina on our top ski jets. Stop at the Dubai Burj AL to catch the moments in your lenses while experiencing the rush of the bouncing waves.

  • Our guides will share their knowledge with you about the city’s culture and traditions. You can ask them about the sparkling Arabian Gulf and other shiningly located monuments.

  • Zoom your way to the sail-shaped Burj Arab; admire the hotel close-up and enjoy an unbroken view of the city’s buildings.

  • Our professional instructors, along with their guidance and storytelling, will also ensure that you have a safe and secure ride, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned thrill seeker.

Experience the serenity at sea with the Dhow Cruise Dinner

  • Along with the adrenaline rush under and above water, we also offer luxurious dhow cruise dinners in Dubai to our customers. 

  • You will experience a wonderful fusion of traditional Arabian charm, fine dining, and expansive views of Dubai’s shimmering skyline at our dhow cruise dining arrangement.

  • As you delve into our leisurely trip around Dubai Marina on one of our exquisitely decorated wooden dhows as the sun sets,

  • Our traditional boats have been elevated to float wonders that blend artistically with contemporary opulence. You will feel romance and relaxation with the ambient lighting, mellow music, and gentle sea wind while gazing through the stars.

  • We have a mouth-watering meal planned for our visitors and explorers. Our chefs create a menu that appeals to the traditional and local dishes of Dubai. We feature both contemporary international cuisine and traditional Arabian treats. Savor your favorite cuisine while watching the city lights flicker in the distance under a starry sky.

  • You will love the view of famous sites like Atlantis, the Palm, and the Burj Arab as you cruise the Dubai Shoreline with us. Our dhow cruise dinner is perfect for friends and family planning to spend time together to create life-long memories. Couples searching for a romantic evening will feel the amorous view at the side of the sea with our luxurious dinner. 

  • Joining hands with us on this incredible journey at Khat Tourism will allow you to explore the unrevealed elegance and celebration of Dubai’s serene waterways.

Drown with our boat-riding Dubai bliss

  • If you are looking for an exhilarating experience, you need to take advantage of our boat-riding Dubai trip. This will make you travel to a state of complete ecstasy with Khat Tourism.

  • Our boat trips promise the ideal balance of excitement and tranquility, providing an exciting getaway into Dubai's turquoise waters.

  • Sail around with us to explore the gorgeous coastline and take in the breathtaking vistas of famous sites like the Burj Khalifa.

  • Whether you are traveling alone, with family, or on a romantic outing, our well-maintained boats guarantee a safe and comfortable journey.

  • Our specially designed packages allow you to personalize your experience according to your preferences and make lifelong memories. With us, you will experience the thrill of boating in Dubai, where each wave is a blissful moment.

Extravaganza with water activities in Dubai Marina

  • We offer you the chance to enter the world of water sports and have an extravaganza with water activities in Dubai Marina. 

  • You will find yourself engaged in a wide range of thrilling water activities that will unfold your thrill-seeker and provide you with amazing experiences. 

  • You will get to discover the crystal-clear waters of Dubai Marina along with engaging and thrilling activities like paddleboarding, snorkeling, and much more under the direction of our qualified and experienced instructors, guaranteeing fun and safety.

  • Regardless of your experience level, our customized trips are suitable for all water enthusiasts, and while they are enjoying the breathtaking water activities in Dubai Marina skyline in the background, every action turns into an unforgettable adventure.

  • Enjoy the exhilaration of the sea and the sun, and make a splash with Khat Tourism's water activities extravaganza, which combines the allure of various water activities with the splendor of water activities in Dubai Marina. Discover your inner fisherman and make enduring moments in the vibrant center of Dubai's waterfront.

Why choose us?

  • With our 25+ years of experience, we are dedicated to providing services in a customized and well-organized manner.

  • We keep in mind that every customer’s hobbies and preferences are different and unique in their own way.

  • Our customers' safety is our top priority; hence, we work with expert team members who are knowledgeable and have expertise in all types of adventurous activities.

  • We look forward to providing the best services to our customers, as we tend to customize our packages and plan your trip according to your budget and expectations.


Khat Tourism offers major places to visit in their Dubai sightseeing tour packages, such as the Arabain Desert, the Arabian Sea, mosques, palace visits, shopping, abra rides, and other famous sites. Our knowledgeable guides will guide you through the tour and enhance your knowledge regarding the city.

Yes, you can add extra features to your Dubai sightseeing tour packages according to your taste and preferences. We offer customizable packages for our travelers and let them design their own schedules. Our staff will customize the tour schedule to fit your preferences.

Guest safety and well-being are our top priorities at Khat Tourism. During our Dubai sightseeing, we follow strict safety guidelines. Our knowledgeable tour guides put the safety of their passengers first during the whole trip, and our cars are kept in good condition. We guarantee each participant a safe and comfortable environment.

Our Dubai sightseeing tour packages are made to be hassle-free. You will have the privilege to visit mosques, palaces, shopping, abra rides, etc., and for city tours, admission tickets are not included. We guarantee that you won’t have to worry about paying admission fees while you concentrate on taking in the sights.

Yes, we focus on providing the best and most engaging experience to the visitors; hence, we provide knowledgeable guides that offer insightful commentary throughout the trip while you are on the desert safari tour or any other activity. We will help you discover the background and understand the rich culture of each landmark as you explore Dubai’s colorful tapestry; this will give your exploration more depth and context.