Dubai trip

Dubai Trip: A Perfect Tour Guide for Families Traveling to Dubai

Be it the Arabian Sea or the desert, Dubai’s beauty is something. Nobody can deny the fact that the city is well-maintained. To explore the beauty of the city, visitors often plan their trip to Dubai. There are several monuments and other attractions to look around in the city during the trip. Red Dune desert safari, morning and evening safari, and dhow cruise dinner at the side of the Arabian Sea are some of the most loved destinations by visitors.

You are planning your Dubai trip and you are confused about the selection of the right places. No worries; Khat Tourism is here to lend a hand while planning your Dubai city tour. Delve with us into this blog to find out all the attractive things to do with your family during your Dubai trip.

Places to Visit During the Dubai Tour

  • Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the most loved monument in the city. Visitors love to visit inside the attractive building to find out about the malls, offices, community venues, and industrial spaces. It is known as the world’s tallest building, and it holds the two broken records together. The tallest structure and tallest free-standing structure are the two records that were earlier in the hands of KVLY-TV masts in Blanchard, North Dakota, and Toronto’s CN Tower, respectively.

  • Palm Jumeirah

The artificial offshore island located in Dubai is another exciting place to visit during the Dubai tour. The history says that it was built in the 21st century, and later it became a top tourist attraction. Stylized plam trees resemble a circle, and they look very attractive from the air. It is an island for private hotels and residents. You can add this Dubai city tour to your list and visit the place that will leave you with no other alternative.

  • Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the most exciting place for brand explorers and those who love shopping. It is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Several luxury brands and exhilarating activities offer a great Dubai city tour experience to first-time visitors. Dubai Mall is the perfect place to visit with your family while exploring one of the best experiences in the city.

  • Global Village

This is a famous spot where you can explore the culture, entertainment, rich heritage, and traditions of the city together. At this one place, you will feel the 90’s aura and vibe. The variety of handicrafts and traditional foods represent their country. Carnival rides in the park excite visitors with the touch of an international music festival at night. It opens between October and April. The best time to visit this place is in the early evening, when you can explore everything together.

  • Burj AI Arab

It is considered to be one of the tallest hotels in the world. It represents the white sail shape on Jumeirah Beach, which seems to be extremely attractive. It is suggested to visit for enthralling joy and experiencing entertainment like never before.

Activities to Do While on a Dubai Trip

While planning a Dubai trip, everyone seeks exhilarating activities to do. There are several activities that are offered when you visit Dubai. There are different kinds of water, desert, and city tour activities to do. Some of them are Dubai full-day sightseeing, a red dune desert safari, a quad bike tour, a buggy tour, a morning safari, an evening safari, a dhow cruise dinner, jet skiing, and a yacht tour. Let’s know all of them in detail,

  • Dubai Full-Day Sightseeing

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Dubai. Dubai full-day sightseeing at Khat Tourism offers to visit mesmerizing monuments along with a hidden glimpse of rich culture and heritage. You also get a golden chance to visit the gold market of the city during this sightseeing tour.

  • Red Dune Desert Safari

Enjoy the Arabian Red Dunes with the desert safari and get an adrenaline rush with an unforgettable experience. Get a feeling of relaxation and peace away from the rush of the city.

  • Quad Bike Tour

Another exciting activity to add to your wishlist is something to do on your Dubai trip. You can rent a bike and experience the unstoppable red dunes while capturing them in your heart and lenses for this life.

  • Buggy Tour

Dune buggies are designed to offer visitors an exciting experience. Lehbab Red Desert can be experienced through the buggy tour. Be adventurous and explore the view of the desert throughout the tour. This exciting activity is done under the supervision of buggy-riding experts.

  • Morning Safari

Enjoy the sunrise view with the morning safari tour and explore the beauty of the Arabian desert with an exciting view.

  • Evening Safari

Enjoy the sunset view while having an enthralling and exciting exposure with the evening safari tour. Don’t forget to carry your lenses to capture this joyful, mesmerizing moment.

  • Jet Skiing

The exciting water tour starts with the jet skiing tour. If you are a water baby and you want to explore Dubai through the waterway, a jet skiing tour is for you. Take a ride on the jet ski while capturing all the beautiful monuments in your eyes and lenses through the exciting jet skiing tour.

  • Yacht Tour

Enjoy the coastline of Dubai on a yacht tour. A rental yacht in Dubai offers the perfect adventurous activity with an exciting and enthralling experience.

  • Dhow Cruise Dinner

Want to experience the view of a cruise? Dhow Cruise Dinner offers you exciting and entertaining musical nights along with traditional cuisine.

Concluding Remarks!

Visit Dubai with your family and enjoy the exciting activities of the city. This city will give you a lifetime experience, and it will be worth spending money while visiting the city. Every ounce of it offers the best of it, and you need not worry about planning your Dubai trip.

Khat Tourism is here to help you throughout the planning and scheduling of a Dubai city tour. Visit our official website and get in touch with us to plan your tour. Welcome to Dubai!