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Things Tourists Should Not Do When Visiting Dubai: Have a Look!

Dubai is a paradise for tourists! Dubai is one of the best places to visit in the world. The superlative city offers a wide range of adventurous activities, along with the natural charm of the old city and beautiful markets.

Dubai is home to the highest tower in the world, along with the most beautiful man-made architecture. Have you ever been to this metropolitan city, or are you going to visit it for the first time? No matter! You just need to take note of these not-to-dos while visiting Dubai to avoid unnecessary trouble during your visit.

Being Drunk in Public

This guideline is for all the places, wherever you visit. Dubai has its own strict rules and guidelines regarding this illicit activity. If you are caught drinking in public and harming any public property in any way possible, you have to pay for it.

However, drinking is allowed at licensed bars, pubs, and restaurants. You should be aware that your actions are not illegal and do not tend to create a scene in public places.

Photoshoot Without Permission

No doubt Dubai is famous for its rich cultural heritage and architectural monuments, but you have to avoid taking pictures of the places that are not allowed. Being in this city, it is very important to take care of people’s space and their sentiments. No matter if you are an influencer or if you are doing it with good intentions, you need not forget to ask people before clicking on their lenses. Moreover, avoid taking pictures of government buildings, military places, and airports.

Being Cuss

You have to be extremely careful about your language in Dubai. Avoid using vulgar and cuss language in public places out of respect for their locals and guides. Along with this, you have to refrain from making any unnecessary comments in public about their religion that seem insulting. It is a punishable offense in Dubai.

Engaging in Public Protests

You need to stay away from any kind of public protest going on in the city to avoid unnecessary problems. Dubai has strict laws for any kind of public demonstration or criticism of its government. You have to refrain from engaging in such activities that seem to provoke and create unnecessary issues in public areas. You have to respect their political laws and regulations to have a safe and happy Dubai day tour

Provocative Clothing

In Dubai women are expected to dress modestly. You are free to wear your favorite outfits in your personal space. You are not allowed to visit religious sites and mosques while wearing revealing clothes such as shorts, off-shoulder tops, or any offensive language and symbol-printed clothes.

Men and women both have to cover their knees and heads out of respect.

Disrespecting Traffic Laws

Dubai has strict traffic laws and violations. Disrespecting their laws and traffic rules can result in hefty fines or even imprisonment. You have to ensure that you do not disobey their traffic signals, wear seat belts, and refrain from using mobile phones while driving. Do not forget to set speed limits and pedestrian crossings to ensure your and other people’s safety while on the road and in traffic areas.

Don’t Carry Drugs And Medicines

Dubai airports are always on the alert, as they have strict rules regarding drugs and medicine. You cannot carry drugs or even your prescribed anti-anxiety medicine to the city. However, if you have any important medicine that you are taking under a doctor’s prescription, you have to carry the prescription along with your medicines. To be on your safe side, you can also check the UAE’s website to learn more about what medicines you are allowed to carry during your Dubai visit.

Don’t Eat in Public Places During Ramadan

If you are visiting Dubai in the holy month of Ramadan, you need to know that they have strict rules and it is forbidden to eat in public places. While Muslims are fasting during the day, you have to ensure that you do not drink, smoke, or eat in public. You cannot even snack in your car. The eating area for guests and visitors is allotted; you can have your meals there if you are in public places. Children and pregnant women are allowed to use it; however, it is recommended to avoid eating it as it can offend some people. 

Indulge in Public

There is nothing wrong with showing affection for your loved ones. However, when it comes to showing affection in a public place in Dubai, you need to take care of it. You have to be aware that you maintain the required distance between you and your partner whenever you are exposed to a public area. In Dubai, you have to ignore doing hugs, any intimate activity, or even holding hands, as it is considered an offensive activity. Unwanted legal action can be taken against you if you are caught doing any such activities.

Guidance with Khat Tourism! 

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you might be unaware of their strict rules and guidelines. Khat Tourism can help you with your Dubai tour. At our place, we have a knowledgeable tourist guide who will ensure that you follow the city’s strict guidelines. 

To make your trip memorable and beautiful, ensure to follow all the rules and regulations while enjoying a peaceful vacation with your friends and family.